I am not a doctor or your friend whose advice you cherish above all else. I am a professional tattooer with a vested interest in your tattoo healing perfectly. I find the following aftercare heals tattoos quickly and keeps the color crisp and bright:

Aftercare Tattoos

  1. Leave your bandage on 18-24 hours and at a minimum of overnight. Yes it is goopey and gross but it helps your tattoo heal. Do not leave your bandage on more than 24 hours and do not rebandage once the first 24 hours have passed.
  2. After you remove the bandage, wash the tattoo well using warm water and soap (Dial is fine). Do not use a wash cloth as they harbor bacteria.
  3. Once you have washed your tattoo pat your tattoo dry with a clean paper towel.
  4. Apply a light amount of Aquaphor or jojoba oil. I personally prefer healing my tattoos with jojoba oil which can be found at Whole Foods or your preferred natural foods store. If you plan to use Aquaphor, only use for two to three days and then switch to a regular unscented hand lotion. Do not use lotion before two to three days as it contains alcohol which will burn and may prolong the healing process. I recommend jojoba for my vegan clients as Aquaphor contains Lanolin. You may use jojoba until your tattoo is completely healed.

Any other aftercare questions may be directed to me via email