I’m price shopping, can you give me a price?

I would be happy to quote you a price estimate during an in-person consultation. I find quoting prices over email can be misleading given the margin for miscommunication the medium allows. Meeting in person is the best way for me to understand what you want and quote you a fair price.

I don’t know what I want, but I want a tattoo. Can you help me?

I’m glad to collaborate on projects, but you must have a general idea of what you would like.

I want a white or color lined tattoo, do you do them?

I don’t, due to the fact that they typically don’t hold up well over a long period of time. I suggest using black ink for outlines.

Do you use vegan ink/pigment?

No I do not. All of the inks I use are made with a base of vegetable glycerin but when it comes to the sourcing of the powdered pigment I cannot guarantee that the powdered pigment 100% vegan. Much of the time, especially with black, the powdered ingredient is labelled as “material” and I cannot ensure that “material” is vegan. That said, I do my best to use ink labelled vegan and organic.