Let’s find out a few useful things before deciding to go tattoo to get yourself a beautiful work and the most satisfactory.

Start with a small tattoo

If you are the first time getting a tattoo, choose for yourself small and simple tattoos, to experience the feeling of tattoo and to test the level of ink tattoo suitability to the body. It is possible that your body, skin will be irritated, swollen, even infected, then, the bigger the tattoo and the more details the more harmful and the loss of aesthetic value of the tattoo.

Be prepared for pain, know how much you can handle pain

If you are afraid of pain, consider choosing the size and complexity of the tattoo, because the bigger and bigger the tattoo The more detail you have, the more damage your skin will have. Besides, you should also choose carefully the tattoo location, avoid tattooing on sensitive areas or areas that are frequently moved, such as knees, elbows, neck … because the wound will be very painful and long to heal. on those areas.

Considering the time and time of tattooing

Sun, water, dust … may damage a new tattoo. Therefore, you should choose the time of tattooing and make sure that the time after tattooing you have less outdoor activities. For example, after tattooing, you go to the beach as a waste. Many people recommend getting a tattoo in the spring and early fall is the best time.
There is a thought that is imprinted on the minds of many people, whoever tattoos is or those who are “thief-robbers.”

Some Things to Know Before Deciding on a Tattoo

Choose a reliable tattoo base, tattoo-trustworthy

Don’t be afraid of cheap ham, but choose a floating, suspicious tattooist Choose famous, reliable tattooists, recommended by many friends. Tattoos are considered part of the body so proper investment is essential.

Your health and safety are still the most important

You must make sure that you carry out tattoos in safe, sterile conditions as possible. Ask the tattoo artist to change the needle and tip of the tattoo right in front of you. In some places, before getting tattooed, customers are also given an injection to prevent infection. If you feel that the hygiene is not good, don’t be afraid to ask for a tattoo.

Pay attention to the tattoo artist and tattoo tools

Pay attention to the jars, bottles and ink tanks. Ask to replace the tattoo cartridge, these should be used only once to minimize the risk of infection. And don’t forget to ask tattoo artists for you to use sterile rubber gloves when tattooing.

In the process of getting a tattoo, if you feel tired or have any health problems, please inform the tattooist immediately to stop to rest. Then go ahead, don’t be in a hurry, through the speakers.
The objective view of tattooists in Vietnam
Should give up the idea, the idea that tattoos are Gypsy is dissipated. We should have a more objective view of this issue!

Some Things to Know Before Deciding on a Tattoo

Do not drink alcohol, use stimulants or fast before getting tattoos

Before going to tattoo you should eat something, do not fast cause hypotension, because the tattoo process can last for many hours. However, do not drink alcohol, beer or use stimulants before getting a tattoo. Because then your body will increase sweating, mucus and plasma makes you more vulnerable to pain. Plus the skin will be difficult to eat ink, creating tattoos that are dim, ugly and easy to fade.

Discuss your ideas and desires with the tattoo artist

Specify the tattoo that you want to get, actively discuss carefully with the tattoo artist before proceeding. They are experts, experienced so will give you the most useful advice on what you want and best suits you.

Believe and think positively about the tattoo

Having decided to go to the tattoo, you must believe, do not freak out. Take it as a serious act, as you really want to show your personality, a piece of jewelry and a real work of art on your body. That will first make you feel comfortable when getting tattoos.

Should pay attention to eating after tattooing

In the first 3 days, should eat the most frugal, fresh food possible. Within 3 to 7 days afterward, avoid drinking alcohol, avoiding beef, chicken skin, spinach, seafood, to avoid the ugly tattoos from the tattoo.

Don’t scrub

If your tattoo is large and tattooed in places like the back or the chest, you should pay attention to bathing.

Don’t scrub, scrub too hard on the tattoos. Do not take the bath too hot or too cold, cool water is best. Using a wet cloth to gently wipe the new tattoos is best.
Tattoos are no joke, if you don’t believe them, then check out some evidence!

Do not go to the public pool

A few days after tattooing, absolutely do not go to the public pool. Because the water in the pool contains a lot of chemicals, especially chlorine. This can damage the tattoo, even causing infections from the tattoo.

Basically, tattoos are like wounds

So pay attention to care and care to avoid infections. Do not arbitrarily apply chemicals, cosmetics, unknown drugs to the tattoo.

Use natural essential oils

If you want to “soothe” the tattoo, should use natural essential oils such as coconut oil, olive oil. Or dedicated, safe medicines specifically for the care of new tattoos, with the guidance of a dermatologist.

Do gentle activities

From 10 to 30 days after tattooing, need to do gentle activities. You should also limit vigorous activities such as bodybuilding, or sports like football, volleyball, to avoid injuries from tattoos. further torn and healed.

A few days after tattooing, the wounds on the tattoo will become scabs. At this time, you may feel itchy, do not agitate and do not rush off. The skin at that area will slowly regenerate naturally, waving will fall off on its own and the skin will heal and heal. Tattoos will be clearer and more beautiful.

If there is anything unusual at the tattoo, go check it out! When the tattoo site is swollen, infected or the bulge, immediately go to the hospital, the nearest health center, or dermatologists to have a way to “save” the tattoo and ensure the health strong.

Be prepared that the tattoos on your arms and legs are the easiest to fade. Due to exposure to sunlight, smog, and sweating, tattoo ink quickly fades.

If the tattoo is faded, you can also “restore” the tattoo by making it stronger. On the other hand, you can completely erase the old tattoo, but you should also be prepared that the removal of tattoos is much more painful than the original tattoo.

Before deciding to remove tattoos, you should consult the doctor, tattoo expert. Today, there are many modern techniques to remove tattoos, common techniques such as surgical removal of tattooed skin and implantation of other skin on the body, or using laser to treat Ly tattoo. The cost to this method is quite expensive, the cost will be much higher than the original cost that you tattoo. Therefore, you should think carefully when deciding on the tattoo as well as where to tattoo.