If before, the tattoo people were mainly men, those who were often labeled as “siblings” and wanted to show their class, then the opinion of tattoo has changed. Not only do men like “ tattoo ” but you also want to have small tattoos that show your personality or keep beautiful memories. Many people still do not know what to eat after getting a tattoo and what to eat after tattooing. If it is one of them, do not hurry to skip this useful article!

What We Should Not Eat After Getting Tattoo?


Tattooing or tattooing is a method of painting on the skin with a special ink, which can exist forever. Tattooers are like artisans, they blow soul into each stroke to get the most impressive tattoo. Today, to have a very simple tattoo. Artisans had a tattoo machine that could help the ink move under the epidermis faster and more accurately. Shorten tattoo time and also safer for tattooers

Is the tattoo painful?

Surely this is the question that many people want to know. Really tattooing is certainly painful! Tattooing is essentially using a needle to put ink into the epidermis of the skin. But do not be too worried, the needle pointer is about 1.5mm deep. Try asking if sharp objects have stabbed you in the skin. If someone tells you that the tattoo doesn’t hurt, that’s just a lie! There are people who are very good at pain, so they feel like the tattoo is just like an ant bite, but anyone who saw the needle as a child when he was young, should be prepared before getting a tattoo!

When tattooing certainly created open wounds. So take care to avoid infection and help make tattoo ink clear. You should also pay attention to your diet to better skin color! So what should we eat and what should we not eat after getting a tattoo?



Pomegranate is one of the fruits rich in vitamins A and C as well as natural antioxidants, very good for the body. Not only should we eat pomegranates after getting a tattoo, but we should also eat this fruit regularly. Vitamins A and C help reduce inflammation and swelling after tattoos, helping wounds to heal faster. Moreover, the nutrients in pomegranate also help the skin tight, shiny, prevent premature aging and help us look younger.


Pineapple is also a fruit that should be eaten a lot after getting a tattoo. Because pineapple contains many different vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin B, Folate, Fiboflavine, Copper, Zinc and Potassium. These minerals help to be one of the important components of cells and body fluids, helping to quickly heal injuries.


Garlic contains Alliin, a natural antibiotic that helps kill many viruses, bacteria and fungi. When getting a new tattoo, the skin on the tattoo area is easy to become infected if it is not cleaned properly. So eating foods that help fight bacteria and inflammation like garlic is extremely beneficial to health. Furthermore, garlic is a very effective anti-flu, cough, and sneezing remedy.

Strengthening the immune system for a healthy body is a great thing to do, especially when we just got a tattoo. Thus, the new tattoo will heal quickly and beautifully. Imagine if you got sick if you just got a tattoo, then your body will be more susceptible to bacteria, viruses, and tattoos to slow healing.

Citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruit

Oranges or grapefruit are fruits rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C helps the body stay healthy, boosts metabolism, increases resistance to the body. Vitamin C also helps to recover open wounds more quickly by stimulating new cell production.

What We Should Not Eat After Getting Tattoo?


Salmon is rich in protein, good body fat like omega -3s. Help fight inflammation, reduce swelling. Salmon is also one of the nutritious foods, very good for the sick, sick or those who want to nourish the body.


In addition to eating a lot of these foods, you should also note that some of the following foods should be restricted or not eaten in the first weeks after getting a tattoo.


Meat Beef is one of the foods to abstain from after getting a tattoo. Beef is very rich in protein, a necessary source of nutrients for the development of the body, but eating beef can make the tattoo bruised, color is not standard. So in the first week, say no to beef to get the best tattoo possible.


Meat Chicken is also a good source of protein and necessary nutrients for the body. However, when there are wounds that eating too much chicken will stimulate the cells to overproduce. The bad thing is that it is easier to form keloids and make the tattoo last longer. For this food, you only need to abstain when it starts showing signs of immature skin. This way, you can limit the itching when a young skin is formed.


Eating too many sticky foods such as sticky rice and banh chung will easily cause a festering tattoo. Moreover, it also slows down the progression to immature skin. This food does not necessarily require absolute abstinence, but it is best to limit it after a week. If you crave, eating less will not affect the tattoo! But if your skin is a long-lasting type of scar, then abstain for sure.


Eggs are also included in the list of foods to avoid after getting a tattoo. Eating eggs can make the tattoo color fade, not sharp. That is why tattooists often advise you not to eat eggs in the first 3 days. After that, you can still eat normally.


Spinach is blacklisted and should not be eaten without ugly keloid scars. This is an experience passed down from ancient times and well explained by science. In spinach there is a lot of Madecassol, this substance helps promote the process of skin and increase epithelium. For open wounds that are in the process of scarring, eating vegetables that you want can make the scars heal faster but is more likely to form keloids for excessive epithelial hyperplasia.

In short, when there is an open wound, we should not eat spinach so that we do not have to take away the keloid treatment later!


Drinking alcohol is inherently bad for our bodies. Moreover, when the tattoo is done, drinking alcohol can make the tattoo stained, longer for the skin. So it’s best for us to wait for the tattoo to heal before we can touch this alcoholic drink!

Hopefully, with this sharing, I have partly answered the question of what to eat after getting a tattoo and what to fast after tattooing. Wish you get the desired tattoo and the tattoo will heal as quickly as possible!